202 Sagewillow Rd

This home sold in 2004 for $1.474 Million WITHOUT the ADU.

Sold As-is! SEE Below MLS for details on the home

Hi Randy,
Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday in regards to the current construction status of 202 Sagewillow Drive in Sun Valley. A stop work order was placed on this property on 8/28/2017. The stop work order must be lifted before any construction activity can resume. To remove the stop work order, the city will require a building permit. As there are several items that need to be addressed with this permit, I would ask that you provide a detailed scope of work that includes the following:
-A rock retaining wall on the property has failed. The city will require an engineer of geo-technical engineer to design this wall. This needs to be submitted with the building permit application.
-A gas fire place was installed without inspections. We will need the manufacturer’s specifications to verify clearances, have the gas supply line inspected, and the local ordinance requires a one hour rated chase for the vent. Demolition of this area may be necessary to verify code compliance.
-Smoke and CO detectors must be brought up to current code. A smoke detector is required in every bedroom, if a bedroom contains a fuel burning appliance the bedroom must also have a CO detector. Outside of each bedroom, a smoke and CO detector needs to be installed. If a floor does not contain a bedroom, a smoke and CO detector shall be installed on that floor. Building code allows for wireless smoke/CO detectors to be installed if wiring is impractical however the detectors are required to communicate with each other wirelessly.
-It was noted that the north patio deck had ponding water and it was unclear if this deck was going to be replaced. This deck needs to be analyzed for structural stability. If this deck is unstable, it needs to be evaluated by a structural engineer. If the scope of work includes rebuilding this deck, plans must be submitted and stamped by an engineer indicated local design criteria. If plans are submitted that change the sizing or appearance of the deck, the plans may be subject to a design review process.
-It was noted that there was some deflection in the subfloor due to the water damage. This repair work will need to be verified.
-Local ordinances require a one hour fire separation in mechanical rooms, both walls and ceilings. This will need to be verified.
-There are several loose exterior stairs that need repair.
-All electrical panel doors need to be installed.
-Exterior lights need to installed and properly weather sealed.
-A radon test is required per local ordinance.
-The address needs to posted on the house with 6” numbers, 4’ off grade, and visible from the street.
-The contractor for this permit must have a state registration number as well as all sub-contractors.
-There are several open state permits. The state performs electrical, mechanical, and plumbing inspections. These state inspections can be researched at dbs.idaho.gov New state permits may be required.
Once a building permit is successfully issued, construction can resume with the corresponding building inspections. Please note that the state will not perform any inspection or authorize utilities to be energized without the proper removal of the stop work order. The city will also require that the state provide final inspections on the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems before the city performs a final building inspection on the property and closes out the building permit.
Please let me know if you have any questions, I am looking forward to working with you on this project.

Brendan Campbell
Building Official
City of Sun Valley
PO Box 416
Sun Valley, Idaho 83353